New graduate students at CLINTEC

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Jenny Häggström2016-11-14
Jenny Häggström
Central hearing function, cognition and aging
Marlin Johansson2016-11-03
Marlin Johansson
Children with congenital unilateral sensorineural hearing loss: The effect of auditory stimulation in the impaired ear during development.
Ineke Samson2016-10-06
Ineke Samson
Stuttering in young women and men
Emilia Rotstein2016-09-07
Emilia Rotstein
Pelvic floor dysfunction after delivery – aspects on diagnostics, symptoms and treatment
My Blohm2016-08-19
My Blohm
Treatment of cholelithiasis and acute cholecystitis
Louise Lindberg2016-06-20
Louise Lindberg
Long-term consequences in young adults who have undergone obesity treatment in childhood 
Axel Gerdtsson2016-06-17
Axel Gerdtsson
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in men with testicular cancer  
Srinivas Sanjeevi2016-06-17
Srinivas Sanjeevi
Advances in the surgical management of pancreatic cancer
Elias Diarbakerli2016-06-15
Elias Diarbakerli
Quality of life, conservative treatment and bone health in idiopathic scoliosis 
Ylva Crona Guterstam2016-06-15
Ylva Crona Guterstam
Determing human uterine NK cell phenotype, transcriptional regulation and function using a novel non-invasive method for sample collection
András Komáromi2016-06-15
András Komáromi
Albumin kinetics in circulatory instability
Ulrika Hahn Lundström2016-06-02
Ulrika Hahn Lundström
Decline in renal function and optimized planning for renal replacement therapy
Marion Lieberman2016-06-02
Marion Lieberman
Follow-up of speech, language and communicatin in children without canonical babbling at the age of 10 months
Jeanne Lubbe2016-06-02
Jeanne Lubbe
Aspects on advanced procedure during endoscopic retrograd cholangiopancreatography for complex hepatobiliary disorders
Lovisa Femrell2016-05-24
Lovisa Femrell
Outcomes of the Lidcombe Program in Sweden
Magdalena Wagner2016-05-23
Magdalena Wagner
What keeps ovarian follicles alive?
Per-Olof Lundgren2016-05-13
Per-Olof Lundgren
Cancer of the prostate: Long term follow up of a screening study and markers for clinical outcome.
Anna Nyman2016-05-12
Anna Nyman
Speech and language in early childhood neurodevelopmental disability: the development during the first three years of life and the effect of treatment.
Viveka Nordberg2016-05-02
Viveka Nordberg
Antibiotic resistance in a neonatal intensive care unit‐ aspects of colonization and infection with Gram‐negative bacteria (including Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamase ‐producing Enterobacteriaceae)
Jeanna Joneberg2016-04-04
Jeanna Joneberg
Studies on bile leakage after hepatic resection
Sofia Hultman Dennison2016-03-23
Sofia Hultman Dennison
Complications of rhinosinusitis in children
Carl Aulin2016-03-17
Carl Aulin
A randomized controlled trail comparing unicompartmental to total knee arthroplasty in medial gonarthritis.
Asta Jonasdottir2016-02-11
Asta Jonasdottir
Biomarkers and genetic susceptibility in ANCA-associated vasculitis
Marcus Reuterwall Hansson2016-02-04
Marcus Reuterwall Hansson
Endoscopic Diagnosis, Staging and Surveillance of Neoplasms in the Bile Ducts, Liver and Pancreas