Doctoral education at CLINTEC

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Doctoral education involves supervised research. A completed programme of third level studies at Karolinska Institutet awards a degree of the highest international standard. Third level education at Karolinska Institutet entails four years (PhD) or two years (Licentiate) of study.

The Department of Clinical Sciences, Intervention and Technology (CLINTEC) has an excellent level of activity in this respect, with some 180 registered PhD or Licentiate students. We examine and admit approximately eight to ten students each year in 11 different postgraduate fields. Most of our doctoral students have one of CLINTEC's partner clinics as their employer.

CLINTEC has a postgraduate education committee that has admissions meetings twice a term. These meetings give applicants an opportunity to present and discuss their projects. It is then up to the committee to decide whether or not the applicant is to be admitted as a postgraduate.

Doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet

Admission Meeting

Applications are sent to the respective unit secretary before the deadline for the review of the unit manager. The application is then forwarded to the admissions committee for previewing and decision on convening admissions seminar.


Admission Meeting Submission to
Head of Division
Submission to
Agneta Wittlock, B53
2016-09-01, kl 13.30 2016-08-05 2016-08-12, kl 12.00
2016-10-06, kl 13.30 2016-09-05 2016-09-12, kl 12.00
2016-10-20, kl 13.30 2016-09-19 2016-09-26, kl 12.00
2016-11-03, kl 13.30 2016-10-03 2016-10-10, kl 12.00
2016-11-17, kl 13.30 2016-10-24 2016-10-31, kl 12.00

Director of postgraduate studies / LADOK-administrators

Mats BlennowDirector of postgraduate studies
Mats Blennow
Phone +46 8 585 81428
Karolinska, Huddinge,
Paul GerdhemVice Director of postgraduate studies
Paul Gerdhem
Phone +46 8 585 80000
Karolinska, Huddinge, K54
Agneta WittlockLADOK-administrator
Agneta Wittlock
Phone +46 8 585 87353
Karolinska, Huddinge, B53

Admission Committee

Anette LohmanderProfessor
Anette Lohmander
Seppo KoskinenProfessor
Seppo Koskinen
Li TsaiProfessor
Li Tsai
Magnus NilssonProfessor
Magnus Nilsson
Parvin TavakolDoktorandrepresentant
Parvin Tavakol

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