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Workshop: Using Sources Effectively and Avoiding Plagiarism

2017-10-0416:30 till 18:00 Synapsen 2, UniversitetsbiblioteketCampus SolnaUniversitetsbiblioteket

As a Master's student, you are expected to find, integrate and correctly cite scientific sources in your writing. How well you use your sources will determine, at least in part, how both your writing and your research are received. Yet proper source use is not transparent; it differs between cultures as well as disciplines. During this workshop, you will learn strategies for using sources effectively and avoiding plagiarism, as the latter is defined at KI. 

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This is a workshop series designed to help students enrolled in international Master's programs get the most out of their studies. The series addresses a number of topics related to academic communication, from academic writing to oral presentations. You may choose to attend all sessions or just a few.

Contact person: Sara Lind