Föreläsningar och seminarier

Seminarium: 3D Printing in Academics and Medicine

2016-11-1811:00 till 14:00 Torget, UniversitetsbiblioteketCampus SolnaUniversitetsbiblioteket
Öra som skrivs ut av 3D-skrivare. Animatör Thomas Nixon

As part of the KI Innovation Day the Library will be arranging a seminar on 3D printing in academics and medicine. You will get to listen and talk to experts in the field, and also see an advanced 3D printer in action.

This seminar/event is for everyone interested in the subject. Snacks and fruit will be served throughout the day! Welcome!

Time: 11.00

Jakub Lewicki – Graduate Student

Many dimensions of 3D printing

3D printing is fascinating technology that can materialize complicated three-dimensional objects. It is no longer reserved for big industry, allowing many people to unleash their creativity and shape world around us. Next step is 3D printing with life steering us into a new Golden Age or regenerative medicine.  

Time: 12.00

Ola Hermanson – Senior researcher

Stem cells and bioprinting

Stem cells hold great promise for medical therapy. Here I will discuss various types of stem cells and the possibilities to use bioprinting in 2D and in particular 3D in stem cell research.

Time: 13.00

Björn Högberg – Associate Professor

DNA nanostructures and how to “3D print” at the nanoscale

DNA can be used as a building material. I will present how we use 3D software packages and DNA in something that can be likened to a 3D-prining pipeline for the nanoscale where the resulting “prints” are rendered in DNA. I will also briefly touch upon how these types of structures are being used in biological research.

A 3D printer will be set up and running, while displaying some already printed medical objects. The printer is sponsored by Creative Tools AB and the printer itself is called Flashforge - Finder

No registration needed. A fully updated schedule can be found at the Library website

Contact person: Sara Lind