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9 Tips for Effective Networking

2014-11-2515:00 till 17:00 Strix, Von Eulers väg 4b, Campus SolnaCampus SolnaKarriärservice

Why is networking so important? And how can you use good networking skills both in your scientific and professional career out-side academia?

We'll cover why building relationships, dialogue and networks is so important in our digital lives. You will gain important practical tips you can use at once on what to do before, during and after a networking event or meeting. 

We'll look at how to move smoothly in and out of conversations, how to avoid getting stuck with one person for too long while networking. Also, we'll answer the question: What do I say? We'll go through what to talk about to awaken interest as well as how to use and be aware of your body language. And the all essential follow-up that will help you to build relationships with key people in your growing network - we'll go through concrete actions you can start using immediately. Also, how you can use digital and social media to prepare for meetings/events.

Trainer: Mary-Rose Hojas

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