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Global and Local Health – Legacy of Hans Rosling

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2017-10-2609:00 till 13:00 Jacob Berzelius, Berzelius väg 3Campus Solna

The seminar “Global and Local Health – Legacy of Hans Rosling" will discuss the disease Konzo in the context of research carried out by Hans Rosling.

The seminar is a collaboration between Swedish Agriculture University, Uppsala (SLU – Global) and Centre for Global Health, Karolinska Institutet. Two important researchers have been invited for the seminar, Professor Christopher Murray, University of Washington to give an overview of global and local health and how Hans Rosling has contributed in research on burden of diseases. Also, Dr. Martin Fregene, a Cassava researcher who worked with Hans Rosling from African Development bank. 

Register for the seminar at: https://sv.surveymonkey.com/r/PC3JR9Z

Contact person: Vinod Diwan