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Alcohol and tobacco use among methadone maintenance patients in Vietnamese rural mountainside areas
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Evaluation by medical students of the educational value of multi-material and multi-colored three-dimensional printed models of the upper limb for anatomical education
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Data Driven Quality Improvement of Health Professions Education: Design and Development of CLUE - An Interactive Curriculum Data Visualization Tool
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Setting priorities for EU healthcare workforce IT skills competence improvement
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Use and Adaptation of Open Source Software for Capacity Building to Strengthen Health Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
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Virtual Patients in a Behavioral Medicine Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Participants' Perceptions
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Applicability of the theory of planned behavior in explaining the general practitioners eLearning use in continuing medical education
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A Theory-Based Study of Factors Explaining General Practitioners' Intention to Use and Participation in Electronic Continuing Medical Education
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Using Competency-Based Digital Open Learning Activities to Facilitate and Promote Health Professions Education (OLAmeD): A Proposal
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Analysis of EU-USA cooperation opportunities on IT skills for healthcare workforce
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AUVA - Augmented Reality Empowers Visual Analytics to explore Medical Curriculum Data
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Curriculum Mapping with Academic Analytics in Medical and Healthcare Education
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OPTIMED Platform: Curriculum Harmonisation System for Medical and Healthcare Education
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Patient Demonstration Videos in Predoctoral Endodontic Education: Aspects Perceived as Beneficial by Students
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Practical use of medical terminology in curriculum mapping
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Virtual patients in a real clinical context using augmented reality: impact on antibiotics prescription behaviors
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WASP--a generic web-based, interactive, patient simulation system
Zary N, Fors Ug
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