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A RAB27A 5' untranslated region structural variant associated with late-onset hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis and normal pigmentation
Tesi B, Rascon J, Chiang Scc, Burnyte B, Löfstedt A, Fasth A, et al
The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2018;142(1):317-321.e8

Constitutional SAMD9L mutations cause familial myelodysplastic syndrome and transient monosomy 7
Pastor Vb, Sahoo Ss, Boklan J, Schwabe Gc, Saribeyoglu E, Strahm B, et al
Haematologica 2018;103(3):427-437

Gain-of-function SAMD9L mutations cause a syndrome of cytopenia, immunodeficiency, MDS, and neurological symptoms
Tesi B, Davidsson J, Voss M, Rahikkala E, Holmes Td, Chiang Scc, et al
Blood 2017;129(16):2266-2279

Natural killer cell biology illuminated by primary immunodeficiency syndromes in humans
Voss M, Bryceson Yt
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) 2017;177():29-42

Proteolytic Processing of Neuregulin 1 Type III by Three Intramembrane-cleaving Proteases
Fleck D, Voss M, Brankatschk B, Giudici C, Hampel H, Schwenk B, et al
The Journal of biological chemistry 2016;291(1):318-33

Secretome analysis identifies novel signal Peptide peptidase-like 3 (Sppl3) substrates and reveals a role of Sppl3 in multiple Golgi glycosylation pathways
Kuhn Ph, Voss M, Haug-kröper M, Schröder B, Schepers U, Bräse S, et al
Molecular & cellular proteomics : MCP 2015;14(6):1584-98

Differential protein-protein interactions of full length human FasL and FasL fragments generated by proteolysis
Lettau M, Voss M, Ebsen H, Kabelitz D, Janssen O
Experimental cell research 2014;320(2):290-301

Shedding of glycan-modifying enzymes by signal peptide peptidase-like 3 (SPPL3) regulates cellular N-glycosylation
Voss M, Künzel U, Higel F, Kuhn Ph, Colombo A, Fukumori A, et al
The EMBO journal 2014;33(24):2890-905

Mechanism, specificity, and physiology of signal peptide peptidase (SPP) and SPP-like proteases
Voss M, Schröder B, Fluhrer R
Biochimica et biophysica acta 2013;1828(12):2828-39

Foamy virus envelope protein is a substrate for signal peptide peptidase-like 3 (SPPL3)
Voss M, Fukumori A, Kuhn Ph, Künzel U, Klier B, Grammer G, et al
The Journal of biological chemistry 2012;287(52):43401-9

Requirements for leukocyte transmigration via the transmembrane chemokine CX3CL1
Schwarz N, Pruessmeyer J, Hess Fm, Dreymueller D, Pantaler E, Koelsch A, et al
Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS 2010;67(24):4233-48

The adapter protein Nck: role of individual SH3 and SH2 binding modules for protein interactions in T lymphocytes
Lettau M, Pieper J, Gerneth A, Lengl-janssen B, Voss M, Linkermann A, et al
Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society 2010;19(4):658-69

Identification of SH3 domain interaction partners of human FasL (CD178) by phage display screening
Voss M, Lettau M, Janssen O
BMC immunology 2009;10():53-

Posttranslational regulation of Fas ligand function
Voss M, Lettau M, Paulsen M, Janssen O
Cell communication and signaling : CCS 2008;6():11-

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