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Antiphagocytic function of an IgG glycosyl hydrolase from Streptococcus equi subsp. equi and its use as a vaccine component
Flock M, Frykberg L, Sköld M, Guss B, Flock Ji
Infection and immunity 2012;80(8):2914-9

Getting to Grips with Strangles: An Effective Multi-Component Recombinant Vaccine for the Protection of Horses from Streptococcus equi Infection
Guss B, Flock M, Frykberg L, Waller As, Robinson C, Smith Kc, et al
PLOS PATHOGENS 2009;5(9):e1000584-

Two novel IgG endopeptidases of Streptococcus equi
Hulting G, Flock M, Frykberg L, Lannergard J, Flock Ji, Guss B

Vaccination of horses against strangles using recombinant antigens from Streptococcus equi
Waller A, Flock M, Smith K, Robinson C, Mitchell Z, Karlstrom A, et al
VACCINE 2007;25(18):3629-35

Protective effect of vaccination with recombinant proteins from Streptococcus equi subspecies equi in a strangles model in the mouse
Flock M, Karlstrom A, Lannergard J, Guss B, Flock Ji
VACCINE 2006;24(19):4144-51

Studies of fibronectin-binding proteins of Streptococcus equi
Lannergard J, Flock M, Johansson S, Flock Ji, Guss B
INFECTION AND IMMUNITY 2005;73(11):7243-51

Identification of a novel collagen-like protein, SclC, in Streptococcus equi using signal sequence phage display
Karlstrom A, Jacobsson K, Flock M, Flock Ji, Guss B
VETERINARY MICROBIOLOGY 2004;104(3-4):179-88

Recombinant Streptococcus equi proteins protect mice in challenge experiments and induce immune response in horses
Flock M, Jacobsson K, Frykberg L, Hirst Tr, Franklin A, Guss B, et al
INFECTION AND IMMUNITY 2004;72(6):3228-36

Rebinding of extracellular adherence protein Eap to Staphylococcus aureus can occur through a surface-bound neutral phosphatase
Flock M, Flock Ji
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2001;183(13):3999-4003

Multiple binding sites in the interaction between an extracellular fibrinogen-binding protein from Staphylococcus aureus and fibrinogen
Palma M, Wade D, Flock M, Flock Ji

Expression of collagen-binding protein and types 5 and 8 capsular polysaccharide in clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus
Ryding U, Flock Ji, Flock M, Soderquist B, Christensson B

Streptococcus mutans major adhesion surface protein, P1 (I/II), does not contribute to attachment to valvular vegetations or to the development of endocarditis in a rat model
Ryd M, Schennings T, Flock M, Heimdahl A, Flock Ji
ARCHIVES OF ORAL BIOLOGY 1996;41(10):999-1002

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