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Jag arbetar sedan 2012 som statistiker på Enheten för Medicinsk Statistik där jag undervisar i medicinsk statistik, samt ger konsultation till forskare och studenter inom bland annat val av statistisk metod, analys, databearbetning, presentation av data och studie design.



The effects of general anaesthesia on oxygen consumption: A meta-analysis guiding future studies on perioperative oxygen transport
Jakobsson J, Vadman S, Hagel E, Kalman S, Bartha E
Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica 2019;63(2):144-153

Can STOP-Bang and Pulse Oximetry Detect and Exclude Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
Christensson E, Franklin Ka, Sahlin C, Palm A, Ulfberg J, Eriksson Li, et al
Anesthesia and analgesia 2018;127(3):736-743

Population-based cohort study on the epidemiology of acute appendicitis in children in Sweden in 1987-2013
Almström M, Svensson Jf, Svenningsson A, Hagel E, Wester T
BJS open 2018;2(3):142-150

Assessment of Cytokine and Chemokine Signatures as Potential Biomarkers of Childhood Community-acquired Pneumonia Severity: A Nested Cohort Study in India
Saghafian-hedengren S, Mathew Jl, Hagel E, Singhi S, Ray P, Ygberg S, et al
The Pediatric infectious disease journal 2017;36(1):102-108

Maternal Risk Factors and Perinatal Characteristics for Hirschsprung Disease
Löf Granström A, Svenningsson A, Hagel E, Oddsberg J, Nordenskjöld A, Wester T
Pediatrics 2016;138(1):-

National, real-time monitoring of MS-immunotherapy patterns with visualisation and analysis platform (VAP) implemented in swedish MS-registry
Stawiarz L, Hagel E, Eriksson H, Hillert J

Sedation with Dexmedetomidine or Propofol Impairs Hypoxic Control of Breathing in Healthy Male Volunteers: A Nonblinded, Randomized Crossover Study
Lodenius Å, Ebberyd A, Hårdemark Cedborg A, Hagel E, Mkrtchian S, Christensson E, et al
Anesthesiology 2016;125(4):700-15

Etiology of community acquired pneumonia among children in India: prospective, cohort study
Mathew Jl, Singhi S, Ray P, Hagel E, Saghafian-hedengren S, Bansal A, et al
Journal of global health 2015;5(2):050418-

"Function Watch" - a real time, graphical composite representation of MS patients' health status as a decision support tool in daily clinical practice
Stawiarz L, Hagel E, Eriksson H, Hillert J

Predicting Outcome in Colonoscopic High-risk Surveillance
Forsberg Am, Hagel E, Jaramillo E, Rubio Ca, Björck E, Lindblom A
Anticancer research 2015;35(9):4813-9

A visualization and analysis platform in the Swedish national MS registry for real-time data feedback
Swedish Ms Registry, Stawiarz L, Hagel E, Eriksson H, Hillert J

PCBaSe Sweden: a register-based resource for prostate cancer research
Hagel E, Garmo H, Bill-axelson A, Bratt O, Johansson Je, Adolfsson J, et al
Scandinavian journal of urology and nephrology 2009;43(5):342-9

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