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The HR function is responsible for giving support to the department in HR questions, that covers:

  • Manager and employee support (that covers employees, scholarships holders, guest researchers etc.)
  •  Labor law
  • Employment and contracts (for employees, not scholarships)
  • Recruitment, hiring and staffing
  • Introduction and termination
  • Redundancy and adaption
  • Competence maintenance
  • Performance management dialog
  • Salaries: statistics, yearly salary review, negotiations with union
  • Payments
  • Sick leave and rehabilitation planning 
  • Leave: leave of absence, vacation, parental leave etc.
  • Insurance
  • Working environment; social and organizational working environment, code of conduct
  • Health promotion and occupational health care - Previa
  • Equal treatment
  • KIMKAT administration, KI email accounts and associations
  • Primula web
  • Access cards to the MBB buildings

Emma is a member in the equal treatment group and in the local MBB co-determination group.

Questions regarding pension is handled by SPV: 060-18 76 00,

Emma gives support to the following research divisions; Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Chemistry II, Genome biology, LCBKI, Molecular metabolism and Translational medicine and chemical biology.

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