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Clinical oxygen enhancement ratio of tumors in carbon ion radiotherapy: the influence of local oxygenation changes
Antonovic L, Lindblom E, Dasu A, Bassler N, Furusawa Y, Toma-dasu I
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Survival and tumour control probability in tumours with heterogeneous oxygenation: a comparison between the linear-quadratic and the universal survival curve models for high doses
Lindblom E, Dasu A, Lax I, Toma-dasu I
Acta oncologica (Stockholm, Sweden) 2014;53(8):1035-40

Treatment fractionation for stereotactic radiotherapy of lung tumours: a modelling study of the influence of chronic and acute hypoxia on tumour control probability
Lindblom E, Antonovic L, Dasu A, Lax I, Wersäll P, Toma-dasu I
Radiation oncology (London, England) 2014;9():149-