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I am currently employed by the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) which is a part of the Department of Neuroscience. 

My duties include:

- Support funding applications within the global INCF network

- Develop and evaluate seed funding initiative to stimulate new collaborations and partnerships which will lead to larger funding applications in the future

- Provide support to INCF researchers needing help with their grant applications



PhD in Experimental Neuroscience from Karolinska Institutet

Project on the role of environmental cues in alcohol self-administration. Extensive experience in operant models from Med Associates and with qPCR analysis and its correlation with behaviour.


Honours BSc in Biology and Pharmacology (co-op) from McMaster University, Canada

Educated according to the problem-based learning theory for the pharmacology portion of the program. Have an unofficial minor in psychology, many courses in ecology and environmental science, plus the equivalent of the first 2 years of the civil engineering program.


Project for which I am seeking affiliation for and funding to complete:
- Searching for behaviour markers (cognitive and neuroeconomic methods) of harmful drinking patterns among women from the general population

Previous experience in neuroscience:
- Developed, tested and validated a model of alcohol-induced cognitive dysfunction (primarily prefrontal cortex deficits) both in terms of behaviour and mRNA expression
- Developed operant models of alcohol self-administration in rodents, including a method for context/cue-induced changes in consumption

Pedagogiska meriter

In my previous job at the University of Gothenburg I have over 200 hours of teaching experience, primarily in the BSc Public Health program. Topics included basic physiology, evidence-based medicine, environmental medicine, mental health, addiction and neuroscience.

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