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Om mig

I am material scientist and love to work between the borders of disciplines and fields.
I studied biochemistry at Ulm University where I graduated from with a MSc degree in 2008. For my doctoral work, I was in a chemistry lab, synthesising and testing polymeric biomaterials for bone tissue. After that, I did my first postdoc at an electrical engineering institute working on silicon nanowire-based biosensors and broadening my knowledge on material synthesis. Since 2017, I am here at KI to focus more on the biological side of biomaterial-cell interactions.


2014 – Dr. rer. nat. (PhD) from the Institute of Physics, University of Augsburg, Germany, on thin polymeric films as biomaterials
2008 – MSc in Biochemistry from Ulm University, Germany
2006 – BSc in Biochemistry from Ulm University, Germany


I came to KI to explore the interactions of cells with silicon nanowire materials and the possibility to use these materials as scaffolds in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Nanomaterials may show unexpected properties in physiological environments and their properties influence and sometimes determine cell reactions and cell fate. I am especially interested in mesenchymal stem cells, osteogenic differentiation and their interplay with materials.

Pedagogiska meriter

         2017 – Seminar "Technical Presenation Skills for Engineers"
2014-2016 – Chemistry/Science classes for gifted and highly-gifted children (Hector-Kinderakademie)
2013-2016 – Co-lecturer “Biosensors”
2010-2012 – Lab supervisor in chemistry classes for material science and physics students
since 2008 – Supervised 5 lab internships, 1 Bachelor and 4 Master thesis projects
2005-2010 – Lab demonstrator in chemistry classes for medicine students

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

2017-2019 – DFG research scholarship
2016           – VW-Stiftung “Engineering and Life” Conference Travel Grant
2008-2010 – LGFG postgraduate scholarship

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