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I am a PhD student since may 2014 and I work in the ambulance service in Stockholm and Jämtland as an ambulance nurse.


  • PhD student maj 2014
  • Master in Nursing Science VT 2010
  • Specialist nurse in prehospital emergency care VT 2009
  • Neurosurgical care 2008
  • Heart intensive care 2007-2008
  • Orthopedic care 2006-2007
  • Registered nurse at Röda korset VT 2006


My research is about how to support nurses professional development during the first year in the ambulance service. Study I is about the experience of being new to the ambulance service. Study II is about nurses desirable support during the first year. Study III is about percieved obsticles to professional development in this context and Study IV is about designing an evidence based support model. The methods used in these studies will be mainly qualitative, based on interviews and content analysis with both inductive and deductive approaches. In one study I used the delphi technique.