Konferenser och symposier

Nordic Educational Meeting on CLL

2018-04-19 till 2018-04-20 Clarion Sign, Östra järnvägsgatan 35, StockholmAnnan

What every Hematologist Should Know about CLL in 2018


  • Paolo Ghia: CLL: a complex disease
  • Carsten Niemann & Anders Österborg: State of the art in treatment of CLL
  • Susan O’Brien: New drugs in the pipeline
  • Jennifer Brown: Incorporation of microenvironmental findings into design of new clinical trials
  • Elias Campo: The genomic landscape of CLL - have we got lost?
  • Jennifer Woyach: Mutations and resistance to small therapeutic molecules; a growing clinical problem
  • Davide Rossi & Richard Rosenquist: How to identify high-risk patients?
  • CI Edvard Smith: The history of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase
  • Peter Hillmen: How to treat high-risk patients
  • Michael Hallek: Future directions

Please, sign up by sending the attached registration form to: coordinator@nordic-cll.org no later than Thursday 1st February 2018 with indication which workshop you want to participate in.

Abstract deadline March 1st 2018 to coordinator@nordic-cll.org 

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