EurocanPlatform’s Translational Cancer Research Course

2014-10-2009:00 Algarve, PortugalAnnan

In collaboration with DKTK, encca, ecancer, ECCO, OECI

Scientific Committee: R Bernards, A-L Børresen-Dale, C Caldas, J Moreira, A Paradiso, U Ringborg

The EurocanPlatform is organising the 2nd Translational Cancer Research Course, a 5-day programme of lectures and group discussions which will cover all aspects of the translational research continuum, from early detection through treatment to survivorship. A final day workshop will focus specifically on Personalised Medicine. The course will provide you with the opportunity to interact with an expert International faculty of speakers, and network with your fellow participants.

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Day 1: Overview/ Innovative Aspects in Cancer Biology

Day 2: Research areas driving preventive & clinical research

Day 3: Bridging preclinical & preventive/ clinical research

Day 4: Clinical & late translational cancer research

Day 5: Clinical Personalised Medicine Workshop


Read more about the course, registration and how to apply for fellowships at --- Deadline August 4