Konferenser och symposier

BioClinicum Cancer Research Meeting

2019-02-2208:45 till 17:00 Sune Bergströms aula, BioClinicum, Solnavägen 30Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Solna

08.45               Welcome Words by Lars Holmgren, Head of Department


Session 1         Chair Andreas Lundqvist

09.00               Research presentation by Karen Belkic
09.15               Research presentation by Arne Östman
09.30               Research presentation by Tina Dalianis
09.45               Research presentation by Per Kogner
10.00               Research presentation by Jonas Bergh
10.15               Research presentation by Lars Holmgren

10.30               Coffee break

Session 2    Chair Charlotte Rolny

11.00               Research presentation by Martin Enge
11.15               Research presentation by Rolf Ohlsson
11.30               Research presentation by Ulrika Warpman Berglund
11.45               Research presentation by Päivi Östling
12.00               Research presentation by Rolf Kiessling
12.15               Research presentation by Rolf Lewensohn

12.30                Lunch and Poster presentation

Session 3    Chair Kristina Viktorsson

13.30                Research presentation by Anders Österborg
13.45                Research presentation by Janne Lehtiö
14.00                Research presentation by Charlotte Rolny
14.15                Research presentation by Ola Larsson
14.30                Research presentation by Isabelle Magalhaes
14.45                Research presentation by Andreas Lundqvist

15.00                Coffee Break

Session 4    Chair Ola Larsson

15.30                Research presentation by Monica Nistér
15.45                Research presentation by Thierry Soussi
16.00                Research presentation by Klas Wiman
16.15                Research presentation by Maria Shoshan                   
16.30                Research presentation by Johan Hansson

16.45                Closing Words by Lars Holmgren, Head of Department

The meeting is open to all and no registration is required - space is limited so please be on time

Organisation committee: Andreas Lundqvist, Charlotte Rolny, Kristina Viktorsson, Ola Larsson and Hanna Sillén, Department of Oncology-Pathology

Contact person: Hanna Sillén