Konferenser och symposier

Mostly dead is slightly alive - Hypothermia in Resuscitation

2013-11-0714:00 till 16:30 Aulan Nanna Svartz, Karolinska univeristetsjukhuset, Solna

Annual Clinical Science Lecturer 2013 is Lance Becker, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Center of Resuscitation, University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Dr. Becker' research interests today are very translational and extend across the basic science laboratory into animal models of resuscitation, and to human therapies. His cellular studies have helped define cellular reperfusion injury mechanisms, mitochondrial oxidant generation, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species responses to ischemia, apoptotic activation following ischemia, signaling pathways, new cellular cytoprotective strategies, and hypothermia protection. Additional studies are ongoing on development of novel human coolants for rapid induction of hypothermia, inflammatory pathways activated following shock and cardiac arrest, improving the quality of CPR, new defibrillator and cardiopulmonary bypass technologies, epidemiology of sudden death, and novel treatments for cardiac arrest.

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