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MEDICIN & KULTUR The Cabinets of curiosities. A wondrous world 1500 - 1700

2013-10-2312:00 till 2018-12-1911:15 Karolinska University Library, KIB, Huddinge

One of the clearly discernible trends in Europe during the late Renaissance through to the Age of the Enlightenment was the absolute fascination with the exotic and the rare. This curiosity was in part satisfied by the marvellous objects brought back from the Americas and other recently discovered far flung places. The thirst for knowledge of the Natural World was complemented by ground-breaking technological achievements (e.g. the telescope and microscope, expanding our knowledge of macro- and microcosm). Rulers, aristocrats and merchants competed with each other to amass spectacular collections of artifacts and natural specimens, in order to display their personal attainment and the marvels of the world.

Anna Lantz, Art historian, Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library, KI

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