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How to take charge of your career as a Postdoc

2013-09-0209:00 till 16:30 Room 311, Retzius väg 13 B, Campus Solna.

The workshop 'How to Take Charge of your Career as a Postdoc' will equip participants with comprehensive knowledge of how to be proactive about developing a career from a postdoc position.


The program will progress from mapping individual career paths based on strengths and preferences, to identifying 'what's out there', and explaining how to build the contacts and capabilities to pursue target options successfully. The workshop will also provide practical advice on how postdocs should market themselves, establish networks and develop transferrable skills suited to specific career choices, whether within or outside academia.

Desired learning outcomes

Establish principles, build awareness and provide tools for participants to develop strategies for taking charge of their own career development. Participants completing the 1-day workshop will leave with a clear understanding of how to plan, pursue and develop their preferred career paths. The program will also create a platform for peer mentoring relationships among ECRs beyond the workshop.

About the presenter Kerstin Fritches and the postdoc training

As a former research fellow who spent the majority of her career on soft money, l have first-hand experience of the challenges facing early career researchers, both in my own research pathway and through early involvement in postdoc affairs and policy at the University of Queensland, Australia. An apparently universal need for effective career training for PhDs persuaded me to found PostdocTraining (www.postdoctraining.com), to fill the gap in this area of professional development by delivering training tailored specifically to postdocs. Successful research institutes depend on high calibre, productive and competitive researchers. PostdocTraining provides the practical support needed to develop them.