Föreläsningar och seminarier

Fysiologföreningen: Dilson Rassier

2013-04-0513:15 till 2018-12-1607:18 Pharmacology Lecture Hall, Nanna Svartz väg 2, Campus Solna

Force production of skeletal muscles  studies ranging from the intact muscle to isolated myofilaments

Professor Dilson Rassier

McGill University

Dilson Rassier is an Associate Professor and has a PhD in Muscle Physiology. His main research interests have been focused on the cellular/molecular mechanisms of muscle contraction. He has been involved in developing exclusive methods by which contractile function can be studied down to the isolated myofilament level. The mechanism behind the increase in force during and after muscle stretch is still elusive, and cannot be readily explained by the force-sarcomere length relation. We have evidence suggesting that force enhancement is associated with (i) non-uniformities between half-sarcomeres, and (ii) with a Ca2+ induced-increase in passive forces, likely caused by an increased stiffness of titin molecules. The implications of these finding for the mechanisms of contraction will be discussed.

Host: Håkan Westerblad