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CfA seminar: Ensuring Safety and Efficacy in New Medicines - a collective delusion

2013-06-0408:00 till 2018-12-1420:56 Lecture Hall Hillarp, Retzius väg 8, KI Campus Solna

Welcome to this CfA seminar by Prof. Robert A. Coleman, professor of airway pharmacology in the UK. He is one of the pioneers for the classification prostaglandin receptors.

Prof. Coleman was also leading the airway pharmacology department at Glaxo in the UK for about 20 years, and contributed much to the development of long acting beta agonists.

He is now visiting KI to examine the Thesis of Jesper Säfholm (Prostaglandin E2 as mediator and modulator of airway smooth muscle responses, June 5th at 9.00 in Petrénsalen).

This CfA seminar has the title "Ensuring Safety and Efficacy in New Medicines - a collective delusion". He will there present a somewhat provocative account on his current work intended to develop more predictive models for drug discovery and safety. The presentation will have general implications also beyond asthma and airway pharmacology.

Coffee and tea is served from 15:30. Welcome!