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Öppna seminarier vid NVS: Improving comfort around dying in elderly people: a cluster randomised controlled trial

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2017-09-1414:00 till 15:30 Gävlegatan 16, Tokyo (stora konferensrummet), plan 7AnnanSektionen för Aging Research Center (ARC)

Kim Beernaert, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

A team of Dutch and Belgian scientists recently conducted a cluster randomized controlled trial aiming at improving the comfort of older adults dying in acute geriatric wards, with a specific focus on patients with advanced dementia. This clinical trial was published in The Lancet in May 2017. Kim Beernaert is a post-doc at VU Brussels, and the lead author of this article. She will come to ARC to present and discuss her work.

You are all welcome to attend this seminar.

It will be a great opportunity to hear about the implementation of a care improvement program in acute geriatric units, and to learn about the methodological and ethical challenges of conducting randomized clinical trials in a population of frail, vulnerable older adults.




Lucas Morin

Enhet: ARC (Aging Research Center)
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