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The ExIGT project

The ExIGT project is a molecular-physiological approach to looking at two different forms of physical exercise for the prevention of diabetes and treatment of prediabetes, namely High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and classical endurace exercise (END). Special focus of this project is mitochondrial biogenesis, adipose and muscle tissue.

General files

General information about the study for subjects (pdf)
Folder with instructions and information for subjects (pdf)
Inclusion and exclusion criteria (pdf)
Type 2 diabetes risk test ("Testa din risk för typ 2 diabetes") (pdf)

Posters and handouts

St: Erik VC

Poster for St: Erik (pdf) A3 digital format
Handout for St: Erik (pdf) 2x A5 digital format

Flemingsberg VC

Poster for Flemingsberg (pdf) A3 digital format
Handout for Flemingsberg (pdf) 2x A5 digital format

KS Solna

Poster for KS Solna (pdf)

A3 digital format

Handout for KS Solna (pdf)

Contact us


Stefan Reitzner

Enhet: Sundberg Carl Johan grupp - Molekylär arbetsfysiologi