Grants for projects at Karolinska Institutet aimed at achieving the UN sustainable development goals

This call aims to stimulate and support research and collaborations within KI related to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The UN has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to be achieved by 2030, representing some of the biggest challenges the world is facing today. KI is devoted to finding solutions to health challenges and to help fulfil these goals as described in Strategy 2030: A deep global, national, and local commitment to human health shall characterize our education and research.

The aim of this funding initiative, announced in conjunction with KIs first conference on Sustainable Development, is to encourage KI-researchers to engage in SDG-related questions and to further develop research at KI aimed at fulfilling the SDGs.

Funding amount: 100 000 – 500 000 SEK per project for a period of one year (total budget for the call is 1.000.000 SEK)
Eligibility: The main applicant must have a PhD and be employed at KI. Collaboration with other researchers (KI, Stockholm Trio, possibly other universities) is encouraged.
Call opens: November 16, 2020, 10 am.
Call closes: January 15, 2021, 2 pm.

The funding must be used by July 2022. 
A presentation of the project and results is expected.

Examples of possible research projects related to the SDGs

The research project should be of relevance for the broad field of education, practice, or research in medical science, as well as meeting the challenges of fulfilling the SDGs.
Examples of possible research projects (list is not exclusive):

  • Projects related to the SDG framework itself, for instance how to monitor and evaluate progress and how to systematically address interlinkages between the goals.
  • Projects focusing on specific SDGs (preferentially be relevant for several) with a main focus on major future health threats or risks mainly affecting vulnerable populations (e.g. climate change, antibiotic resistance, health inequity etc.).
  • Projects aiming to better understand the challenges or to develop solutions on how to reach the goals.
  • The project activities can also be related to generation of preliminary data and
  • planning (including workshops).


Projects need to be clearly related to one or several SDGs, be of high quality and feasible within a one-year budget period. Single applicants as well as teams can apply for 100 000 – 500 000 SEK per project.

Evaluation procedure

The evaluation committee will rank the proposals based on

  1. Quality of the project in relation to the intentions of the call.
  2. Feasibility of the project with the framework of a one-year budget period.
  3. Relation to the SDGs (projects that relate to major future health threats or risks affecting vulnerable populations will be given high priority).
  4. Novelty of the project (the project needs to be a “new”, non-existing project).
  5. Justification and plan for how the grant money will be used.

How to apply

Complete applications should be submitted electronically via Prisma latest January 15, 2021.

The application should contain:

  • Description of the project including the specific research questions and methods (max. three pages including references)
  • Description of the relation to the SDGs and motivation of novelty (max one page)
  • CV and publication list (max. 10-15 publications) of the applicant and possible coapplicants
  • Description of applicant and possible co-applicant contributions to the project (max one page)
  • Description and a budget for how the funding will be used during 2021 – 2022 (max one page).

Contact details

For questions regarding Prisma contact:
For questions specific to the scope of this call contact: Daniela Strodthoff:

Further links for background info regarding SDGs and KIs Strategy 2030