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What is life? – The future of biology: Medical and ethical challenges in provision of medical care in a multi-cultural environment ­ modern-day Israel

2015-06-0315:00 Wallenberg lecture hall, Nobel forum, Nobels väg 1, KI Solna campusCampus Solna

Speaker: Eric Shinwell, Neonatology, Ziv Hospital, Tsfat, Bar Ilan University, Isrrael

Host: Hugo Lagercrantz
The lecture is followed by discussion between 16-17 at Nobel Forum. Nobels väg 1

Professor Eric Shinwell is an internationally leading pediatrician.
He is working at the multi-ethnic university hospital in Tsfat in the northern part of Israel, where they take care of many victims from the Syrian civil war.
He will discuss the importance  of taking care of patients from alien countries in the same way as  Israeli citizens.

Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg