Konferenser och symposier

The International VACTRAIN/III Swedish-Ukrainian Conference on Cancer Diseases

2017-01-1609:00 Radiumhemmet (1st floor), Karolinska University Hospital, SolnaCampus Solna

We have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the International VACTRAIN/III Swedish-Ukrainian conference on Cancer Diseases that will be held in Stockholm on January 16th and 17th (a half of a day). The meeting point will be at Karolinska Institutet, North campus in Solna.

Meeting focus

These 1.5 days will be filled with the lectures by the invited speakers and oral presentations selected in the basis of submitted abstracts (see below). The main topic would be “Modern trends in cancer research”. The meeting will focus on what we have learnt over the recent times, on the current situation, and on the important challenges for the future.

Proposed topics

SESSION 1: Molecular and cellular pathobiology.

SESSION 2: Tumor metastases and role of cellular microenvironment.

SESSION 3: Paradigm of personalized treatment in oncology.

SESSION 4: Detection of potential targets for target therapy and cancer vaccines.

SESSION 5: Search for new markers for diagnostics of tumors with different genesis.

SESSION 6: Multidisciplinary cancer research




Download the program here (pdf)

Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission

We invite all interested researchers to submit abstracts before December, 23rd to:

Elena Kashuba (Elena.Kashuba@ki.se, laboncogen@yandex.ua) and/or Larysa Kovalevska (kreyl@yahoo.com)



Participation in the meeting is free but please, register online on the link below. Due to a limited number of places, registration is on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate whether you will join the dinner on January 16th when you register 

register for the meeting here

Contact person: Elena Kashuba