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Symposium: Science Meets Industry - the Food and the Mood. Can we shorten the way from basic science to daily food?

2016-10-1710:00 Wallenberg lecture hall, Nobel forum, Nobels väg 1, KI Solna campusCampus Solna

In this symposium, we will focus on one compound from each of the three major groups of food stuffs: protein, fat and carbohydrates – from the point of view of science, producers, commercial actors and consumers.

Protein: Tryptophan is an essential amino acid to man, involved in a long series of important functions in our body, as a building stone in many enzymes, involved in immunological mechanisms, precursors for neuromodulators as serotonin, melatonin etc. Mechanisms behind efficacy and how to ensure that we get enough in our diet – now and in the future - will be presented and discussed.

Fat: The importance of omega-3 and omega-6 in our immunological homeostasis is well recognized. In the symposium we will focus upon a new field: omega-3 and omega-6 as regulators of mood.  State-of-art will be outlined. Improving food to influence on our mental status will be presented and discussed.

Carbohydrates: Beta-glucans, in previous days looked upon as “food for the poor”, are now found to be of great importance in immunology and physiology. Our major dietary source of these compounds are oats and Scandinavian scientists, agriculture and food industry are working together to increase our knowledge on these valuable compounds as well as for preparing better food for the future.

The symposium will end in a round table discussion.




10.00-10.10 T  Midtvedt         Introduction




10.10-11.45 J Raa      Beta-glucans and chemical structure
Why some structures are biological
response modifiers, others are
completely inactive  
10.45-11.25 I Ernberg group  FIBFLO: dietary beta-glucan study
A learning lesson
11.25-12.00 LM Marais, M Larson Health from grain Oat beta-glucan
12.00-13.00  LUNCH  




13.00-13.50  H Bentsen Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids,
 brain function and mental health  




13.50-14.40 A Berstad  Tryptophan - an enigmatic essential amino acid 
– in health and disease
14.40-15.00 COFFEE  
15.00-16.30       General discussion
Participants: lectures and
representatives from industry
Sponsored by BE Gustafsson Fund


Register latest October 12th 2016 on the link below. Participation is free. Further information can be requested by mail to Elisabeth Lissa Norin Elisabeth.Norin@ki.se

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About the speakers

Jan Raa ,MSc, PhD. Internationally well known expert on products made  from marine organisms and their  influences on mammalian health. Of specific interest for our symposium is that he has for years worked on beta-glucans, with focus on structures and functions – from adjuvants in vaccines to effects in food. In this field he is regarded as a top international expert.

Hævard Bentsen, MD, PhD. Specialist in psychiatry. He has for more than 20 years studied various aspects of fatty acids in mental diseases and has published many articles in highly ranked international journals.

Arnold Berstad MD,PhD. Specialist in gastroenterology. He was the first person in Scandinavia working systematically with feces transplantation more than 2 decades ago. He is still active in this field and together with scientists at KI he has developed an anaerobically cultivated human intestinal microbiota for restoration of intestinal dysbiosis in man. Of specific interest for our symposium is that he has published several excellent papers on relevant aspects of tryptophane - our largest essential amino acid - known to be involved in basic physiological functions and pathophysiological dysfunctions.

Lovisa Martin Marais and Mats Larsson. Since the 19th century it has been known that oats are good for you! However, the science behind beta-glucan in oats and its many health effects started to be unraveled late in 1960s. Today we know that the positive effects of beta-glucan include a number of important health parameters such as lowering cholesterol- and blood sugar. At the same time, the interest among the general population for food that helps prevent diseases is growing. The Scandinavian agricultural cooperative “Lantmännen” has a battery of knowledge from “field to fork” which aids in the production of a range of products containing oat beta-glucan. You will be told about some of the work with oats and oat beta-glucan - from research to breeding and product development.

Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg