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More Epigenetics in Clinical Medicine April 27-29th 2017

2017-04-2709:00 till 2017-04-2917:30 Wallenberg Lecture Hall, Nobel Forum, Campus SolnaCampus Solna
Vem som får Nobelpris är en väl förborgad hemlighet innan tillkännagivande. I föreläsningen avslöjas en faktor som historiskt påverkat vem som får priset. Foto: KI

The 2nd Tore Nilson foundation / Karolinska Institutet conference on Clinical Epigenetics

The interface between epigenetics, human disease and clinical research has undergone a tremendous development over the past 5-10 years. When the first Tore Nilson symposium on Epigenetics in Clinical Medicine was held 6 years ago the field was in its infancy and now it represents an important cornerstone in clinical research. Clinical epigenetics holds promise to deepen our understanding of complex diseases but to also provide means for better disease management in the form of novel biomarkers and therapeutic approaches. We have gathered international leaders to discuss current advances and future potentials of this exciting and expanding field of research.  


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This symposium is open to everyone interested and will be free of charge. However only those registered  below can be guaranteed a slot. . Registration on this site is now open until April 15, but slots will be provided according to the first come first service principle. Register now to avoid disappointment!

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Invited Speakers

Andy Feinberg
Johns Hopkins
Stephen Beck, London
Christoffer Plass, Heidelberg
Jordana Bell, London
Yuka Kanno,  NIH, US
Julia Polansky-Biskup, Berlin
Moshe Szyf, Montreal
Miki Bundo, Japan
David Schwartz, Colorado
Kathleen E Sullivan, Philadelphia
Walter Doerfler, Erlangen
Paolo Sassone-Corsi, California
Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, California
Sunil Sharma, Utah
Philip A. Cole, Baltimore
Linus Tsai, Boston
Sui Huang, ISB, Seattle
Sören Lehman, Uppsala University
Charlotte Ling and Åke Lernmark, Lund
Anna Krook, Karl Ekwall, Maja Jagodic, Andreas Lennartsson, Anita Göndör and Tomas Ekström, KI


Organizing committee

Andreas Lennartsson, Huddinge; Anita Göndör, MTC; Maja Jagodic, CMM, Andrew Feinberg, Johns Hopkins, Mohsen Karimi, KI; Ingemar Ernberg, MTC (chair)


More information about the 2nd Tore Nilsson Foundation

Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg