Konferenser och symposier

Mini Symposium: World Malaria Day

2016-04-2513:00 MTC Seminar Room, Nobels väg 16, Solna CampusCampus Solna



13:00  Welcome and introduction             

Akira Kaneko

13:15    Asymptomatic and sub-microscopic malaria infections on islands in Lake Victoria, Kenya               

Zulkarnain Md Idris

13:30    Mass drug administration on Ngodhe Island, Kenya                 

Chim W. Chan

13:45    Malaria resurgence despite elimination target in Zanzibar?            

Anders Björkman

14:00   LAMP in action       

Berit Schmidt

14:15  Coffee break


14:30   What underlies placental malaria?       

Sherwin Chan

14:45   How the merozoite enters the red blood cells: role of surfin          

Pilar Quintana

15:00   Malaria, telomere biology and ageing          

Muhammad Asghar

15:15   Discussion


Host: Anders Björkman


Download the program (pdf)

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