Konferenser och symposier

Gut in Focus

2015-02-0210:00 Nobel Forum, Karolinska InstitutetCampus Solna

Program for the Symposium 10.00 - 18.00

Focus on development of  intestinal microbiota (IM)

1.  Lang Dennis: Challenges to the establishment and maintenance of IM in infants in developing countries

2.  Eggesboe Merete: Factors affecting infant gut microbiota and possible consequences for health.

3.  Diaz-Heijtz Rochellys: The gut microbiota and developmental programming of the brain


Focus  on specific compounds

4.  Raa Jan: b-glucan Immune modulation by non-digestible and non-absorbable b-1,3/1,6-glucan particles

5.  MacFabe Derrick: Enteric short chain fatty acids: Microbial messengers of metabolism, mitochondria and mind: Implications in autism spectrum disorders


Focus on restoration of IM

6.  Bakken Johan: Feces transplantation - US recommendations & experience

7.  Norén Torbjörn: Feces transplantation  - EU recommendations


8.  Experience with cultivated microbiota transplant (CMT).

a.   Norin Elisabeth: On-going treatment of CDI-patients in Sweden

b.   Kjelstad Garborg Kjetil: ACHIM as first line treatment for difficile infection.        

c.    Benno Peter: FMT a new option for IBS patients: case reports

9.  Midtvedt Tore: Summary and concluding remarks



Abstracts from the speakers (pdf)


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