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Culture and Brain Lecture: Music training and nonmusical abilities: Associations or causation?

2016-12-0615:00 Lecture room Andreas Vesalius, Berzelius laboratory, Karolinska Institutet, SolnaCampus Solna

Speaker: E. Glenn Schellenberg, Professor at University of Toronto, Leader of the Music and Cognition Lab

Host: Ingemar Ernberg


My talk provides a critical overview of research that has examined associations between music training and nonmusical abilities, with a focus on the available evidence for causation. I conclude that music training is associated with many nonmusical abilities. Some kinds of music training may enhance some abilities for some individuals, and group music lessons may have social benefits. Nevertheless, children who take music lessons differ from other children in multiple ways (demographic, cognitive, personality), which predict the decision to study music. These other individual differences need to be taken into account before inferring that music training causes improvements in nonmusical abilities.

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Contact person: Ingemar Ernberg