Nordic PhD Summit “Identify Your Real World Skills” at Aarhus University in August

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Welcome to the 3rd Nordic PhD Summit “ Identify Your Real World Skills ", a summit dedicated to all doctoral students in Health Sciences from the Nordic universities in Aarhus 29 – 30 August! On 26 – 30 August, adjacent to the summit, several parallell doctoral courses on different themes will be offered as well as a hackaton ‘Hack’.

Nordic PhD Summit 29 – 30 August

The programme includes presentations to prepare doctoral students for identifying, developing and describing their personal skills for various career track (academia, industry, public health sector and entrepreneurship).

Programme and registration. (Deadline for registration is 15 May 2019).

Doctoral courses and ‘Hack’ 26 – 28 August

The Graduate School of Health will host a number of exciting courses for all NorDoc students. Come and join in the days before the summit!

  • "How To Get Published" (one day)
  • "Fueling Science, EU Applications" (one day)
  • "What Happens To My Manuscript" (one day) (description under construction)
  • "Mitochondria" (three days)
  • "Epigenetics in Cancer" (three days)
  • "Cardiovascular Disease" (three days)
  • "Mixed Methods in the Health Sciences" (three days)
  • "Systematic Reviews" (three days)

They will also host a 24 hour Hackathon  (27 - 28 August 2019)

More information about courses and Hackathon

Contact: Matti Nikkola