Madelen Fahlstedt

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Date: 18 maj
Time: 12.30-13.00
Location: KI University Library, Torget 

How does a Helmet Protect Your Head in a Bicycle Accident?

There is some controversy regarding the effectiveness of helmets in preventing head injuries among cyclists. Some epidemiological studies argue that there is no evidence that the helmet protects the head. However, in epidemiological studies there is not possible to study the same accident with and without a helmet.  With computer models this is possible. So what does these computer simulations tell us?

I am a researcher at Neuronic Engineering, KTH School of Technology and Health, but currently doing a postdoc at two helmet companies. My research is focusing on injury biomechanics and helmet technology. As a researcher, I use detailed computer models of human body for understanding and preventing injuries, especially focusing on head injuries. I have a PhD from KTH since 2015 and a MSc in Design and Product Realization from KTH since 2009.