Kurslab 3

A functional and well equipped course laboratory for teaching (equipment see below). This laboratory can be utilized by all courses and programs at KI.

The laboratories are located at the third floor at Alfred Nobels Allé 10 (Flemingsberg). There are place for about 18 student per teaching occasion. If you are interested in utilizing this laboratory for teaching purposes, please contact Annica Nordvall Bodell

Equipment:      Automatic pipettes
                           pH meter
                           Fume benches (4)
                           Fridge/ Freezer
                           Certain disposable materials such as gloves and tips

If required, the following equipment can be provided (charged separately):
                           Equipment for cell culture
                           Digital Microscope
                           PCR apparatus
                           Gel documentation
                           Electrophoresis equipment (aggregates for SDS gels, agarose gels and power supply)