Strength Training Workshop

2017-10-0418:00 till 20:00 BASE, Alfred Nobels allé 23Campus Flemingsberg

Strength training: Why and how?

We invite you to a 2-hour workshop about strength training held at BASE. The workshop will be held by KI Health Promotion instructors Jonatan Åsberg, Lic. Physical therapist and Daniel Truong, last year medical student. Here, you will learn all you need to know to start strength training and why you should.

The workshop starts off with a lecture about how exercise affects your body, some examples of different forms of exercise, followed by some basic exercise anatomy. Lastly, we will go through some basic programming to get you started on how to perform strength training on your own.

After that, we will break down and teach you four basic exercises for both the upper and lower body. These will include both barbell and bodyweight exercises. Our goal is for you to know the proper technique when doing the exercises in order to feel comfortable and safe when practicing on your own at Base.

The workshop is open for everybody regardless of previous experience. However, the material might be too basic for those with a few years of experience.

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