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2018-05-0212:00 till 12:30 KI Biblioteket, TorgetCampus Flemingsberg

Physical activity for health and sustainable development

The presentation will cover the importance of physical activity for health and sustainable development. Active transport as one solution to increase physical activity and enhance sustainable development will be discusses. Practical examples from local, national and international initiatives will be given.

Maria Hagströmer is an associate professor in Physiotherapy and Head of Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, Karolinska Institutet. Her research is focused on physical activity and health throughout the lifespan with a special interest in preventive efforts, persons with functional limitations as well as improving physical activity assessment methods. She has been one of three editors for the handbook Physical activity in disease prevention and disease treatment (FYSS2017) and a board member of the International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH). Her vision is to reach those most inactive to become somewhat active and by evaluating different types of behavioural interventions as well as physiotherapy interventions for this population.