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KI Discovers med Professor Robert Harris, Department of Clinical Neuroscience

2019-02-1311:30 till 13:00 Nobel ForumCampus Solna

The KI Discovers series aims to highlight outstanding new research at Karolinska Institutet to provide insight into the latest scientific achievements across a variety of disciplines.

Professor Robert Harris, Department of Clinical Neuroscience: How 1 study became 2 publications - thank you reviewer nr.3! Repopulation of a microglia-depleted central nervous system - molecular characterization during homeostasis and disease states.

 Fatal demyelinating disease is induced by monocyte-derived macrophages in the absence of TGF-β signaling, Nature Immunology, April 2018

Competitive repopulation of an empty microglial niche yields functionally distinct subsets of microglia-like cells,  Nature Communications, November 2018

Contact person: Kristiina Tammimies