ERC-2018-StG Bootcamp

2017-08-2309:00 till 15:00 Parker, Tomtebodavägen 18a, SolnaCampus SolnaGrants Office

The bootcamp is only open for ERC StG applicants for the 2018 call.

Registration is limited to 20 people. For more information contact

As a basic overview, the bootcamp will consist of all aspects of the application, from registration in the Participant Portal, to strategic decisions you will have to make regarding your application, and information about what you should think about when preparing the different parts of the application.

The bootcamp will be a hands-on session so you will need to prepare, or bring, some things before the day:

1. Think about the reasons why NOW is the right time for (a) your project, and (b) you! When ERC applications are discussed it is important to understand the questions Why me? Why now?
2. A computer with internet access (we are on campus so can link to the local networks).
3. Your title and acronym (these can be changed later on so they do not need to be finalised).
4.  Project ideas – you should be able to discuss your overall objective.

Contact person: Laura Plant