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Primula tidsplan / schedule 2016

Alla Primula ärenden (utlägg mm) inskickade i systemet och med komplett underlag inlämnat till LIME HR senast dessa datum, garanteras komma med i nästkommande körning.

All Primula cases (expense claims etc.) submitted in the system and with complete documentation sent to LIME HR by these dates are guaranteed to be included in the following run
Note the deadline before summer: June 14!

E-post: hr@lime.ki.se

Primula schedule LIME 2016

GUA utsedd

Sabine Koch är sedan 1 april 2016 institutionens nya grundutbildningsansvariga (GUA).

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Staff meetings (APT) autumn 2016 : Sept 22 and Dec 1

09.00-10.00 in Room Duncan, floor 5, Widerströmska.

Välkomna / welcome!

Minutes from APTs at common/admin/minnesanteckningar/APT LIME

The booking system

LIME is since fall 2015 using a new booking system for Widerströmska´s meeting rooms. To be able to connect you have to be connected to LIME's wired network or use VPN. To be able to log on you will have to use the credentials from your LIME account.

Booking system for Widerströmska´s meeting rooms

Contact LIME IT if you don't have any LIME account or if you need a new password.


News letter for LIME employees at common.