Konferenser och symposier

Utbildningskongressen 2016: Student Centred Learning in the Networked Learning Landscape

2016-03-1708:00 Aula MedicaCampus SolnaCLK - Centrum för lärande och kunskap

We learn through, with and from each other; informally and formally; in real-life settings and online. Learning technology has developed fast and changed our patterns of interaction and how we learn. How can we, in Higher Education, optimise the available resources and what are the implications for us as educators?

The Board of Higher Education at Karolinska Institutet cordially invites you to the 14th Educational Congress and offers you an opportunity to meet, network, share, learn and discuss different aspects of student-centred learning.

The congress provides you with an opportunity to:

Meet fellow colleagues engaged in optimising student-centred learning.
Network in a community of practice around student-centred learning.
Share experience of best practice in innovation and implementation of student-centred learning.
Learn how to optimise the available resources to facilitate learning.
Discuss limits and opportunities of student-centred learning in different formats.


More information and registration on the Educational Congress website.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch!


Contact person: Teresa Sörö