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MMC seminarium: Health systems reform in Canada. What is it about doctors and leadership?

2015-09-0913:15 till 15:00 Karolinska Institutet, LIME, the Widerströmska, Tomtebodavägen 18 A, våning 5, rum DuncanCampus SolnaMMC - Medical Management Centre

Detta seminarium hålls på engelska.

Welcome to a seminar with Professor Jean-Louis Denis from the École Nationale d’Administration Publique (ÉNAP) Canada.

The seminar will focus on the challenges and prospects to better engaging doctors in the transformation and improvement of healthcare systems in Canada. Attention will be paid to a set of potentially convergent changes at policy, organizational and clinical levels that may influence the ability to engage doctors in leadership roles for health system improvement. Key initiatives to support doctor's engagement and leadership will be discussed. For further information or ideas for collaboration, please contact Ellen Kuhlmann.

Jean-Louis Denis is Full Professor of Public and Healthcare Management at the École Nationale d’Administration Publique (ÉNAP) and holds the Canada Research Chair (tier 1- senior) on Governance and Transformation of Healthcare Organizations and Systems at ÉNAP; he is also researcher at the Institut de recherche en santé publique de l'Université de Montréal. He has recently published (with N van Gestel, Tilburg University) a chapter on ‘leadership and innovation in healthcare governance’, Palgrave International Handbook of Healthcare Policy and Governance.

Everybody is warmly welcome to the seminar. Coffee and cakes will be served from 13.00h

Please register to: Petra Åhreus Bäckström if you like to attend.

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