Konferenser och symposier

HIC på MIE2015, the 26th Medical Informatics Europe Conference

2015-05-2611:15 till 2015-05-2911:15 Madrid, SpainAnnanHIC - Centrum för hälsoinformatik

HIC medverkar vid den 26:e Medical Informatics Europe Conference, MIE2015


Stefano Bonacina: Wednesday 27 May, 11:00-12:30

Information and knowledge representation and processing: “Title: A Connecting System for Cardiological Lexicons”

Authors: Stefano Bonacina, Sara Marceglia, Veronica Pinello, Silvia Magni, Francesco Pinciroli


Andrea Freixa: Wednesday 27 May 15:15-16:45

Health Information Management: “Implementability of stroke guidelines: a pragmatic comparison between US and European recommendations using eGLIA”

Authors: Andrea Freixa, Tiago Moreira, Olivier Bill, Nadim Anani


Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, Maria Hägglund: Wednesday 27 May 15:15-16:45

Workshops: “Developing and implementing national eHealth services for patients – an interactive exploration of challenges and potential solutions”

Authors: Maria Hägglund, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, Sabine Koch, Ture Ålander, Isabella Scandurra


Sabine Koch: Wednesday 27 May 17:15-18:45  

Mobile healthcare services: “Mobile Health Apps in Sweden: What do Physicians Recommend?”

Authors: Yiping Zhang, Sabine Koch


Maria Hägglund: Thursday 28 May 12:00-13:30

"Patients’ and care professionals’ experiences as an input to eHealth design – a hip surgery patient journey case"

Authors: Maria Hägglund, Peter Bolin, Sabine Koch