Föreläsningar och seminarier

Liver Academy Seminarium - Emerging Clinical and Translational Applications of Metabolomics

2016-08-2315:00 till 16:00 4X, Alfred Nobels Allé 8Campus Flemingsberg

Division of Clinical Chemistry, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Liver Academy @ KI proudly present

"Emerging Clinical and Translational Applications of Metabolomics"


Vidya Velagapudi, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Head of Metabolomics Unit at FIMM Technology Centre in Helsinki.

Dr. Velagapudi's main research line is to identify and understand the molecular mechanisms of human complex metabolic diseases at systems level, and translate the acquired knowledge to provide personalized health care.

Read more at: https://www.fimm.fi/en/services/technology-centre/metabolomics

Contact person: Paolo Parini