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DNA-PKcs and ATM – the importance of self-discipline

2015-06-0415:00 Room: 4Y, Alfred Nobels Allé 8, 4th floor (entrance)Campus Flemingsberg

"DNA-PKcs and ATM – the importance of self-discipline"

Dr. Shan Zha
Columbia University, New York


DNA-PK dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK) and Ataxia- Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) kinase are two PI3 kinase related protein kinase family, which is activated upon DNA double stand breaks and orchestrate the DNA damage response by phosphorylating over 500 potential substrates. Both DNA-PKcs and ATM can be auto-phosphorylated and ATM can also phosphorylate DNA-PKc. Using mouse models that express a catalytically inactive (kinase dead- KD) form of DNA-PKcs or ATM protein, our study revealed expected and important phosphorylation dependent regulation of DNA-PKcs and ATM function in DNA repair and tumorigenesis.  

Contact person: Qiang Pan Hammarström