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Common sense and common pitfalls in Biobanking (Prof Allison Hubel)

2014-12-0812:30 till 13:30 Lennart Nilsson-salen, Nobels väg 15 A SolnaCampus Solna

"Common sense and common pitfalls in Biobanking"

av Professor Allison Hubel

Mechanical Engineering and Director, Biopreservation

Core Resource, University of Minnesota


Having worked with biobanks globally, BioCoR helps biobankers use common sense and scientific principles to avoid common pitfalls in biobanking.

We will summarize sources of headaches, agony and expense for biobanks that can be avoided with common sense and an understanding of the scientific principles of preservation.

We will also help link the audience with resources that can help them improve their biobanking practice.

Finally, the “bleeding edge” of biospecimen science and preservation of biospecimens will be discussed.

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