Anmälan till Funktion B-kursen med start 30 augusti är nu öppen

Publicerat 2018-06-14 11:32. Uppdaterat 2018-06-14 11:36

Anmälan till kursen i försöksdjursvetenskap, “Design of scientific procedures and projects involving animals (Function B)” som organiseras av utbildningsenheten vid Komparativ medicin, är nu öppen. Denna gång består kursen av åtta tillfällen uppdelade under sju veckor, med början den 30 augsuti.

This course is mandatory for those who are responsible for project license applications, and are planning and designing animal experiments. The course is FELASA-accredited and follows the specific learning outcomes for Function B modules in accordance with the EC Education and Training Framework, recently endorsed by the new Swedish L150 (SJVFS 2017:40). 

The course will cover four major areas:

  • Regulations affecting animal research. 
  • Ethics, animal welfare and the 3Rs.
  • Experimental design of animal studies.
  • Good scientific practice in animal research.

Confirmed international speakers include Adrian Smith, Aurora Brønstad, Coenraad Hendriksen, Matt Leach, Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, Michael Festing, and Wendy Jarret.

The course fee for KI participants is SEK 7 820 (including INDI), and for external participants is SEK 9 900 (excluding VAT). 
Persons applying for this course must have previous education and training to carry out procedures on animals (i.e. Function A or equivalent). 
Number of seats are limited, and early registration is encouraged.

Registration link: https://websurvey.textalk.se/start.php?ID=115433    
Please do not hesitate to disseminate this info among potentially interested people. 
Rafael Frías | DVM, MSc, PhD, Assoc. Prof. (LAS)
Director, Education and Training Unit
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