Konferenser och symposier

Brain Aging mini symposium

2017-08-1609:00 till 16:30 Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1Campus Solna

The minisymposium is part of a Summer School organized jointly by Keio University, Peking University Health Science Center (PUHSC). No pre-registrator needed - welcome!

King's College London and Karolinska Institutet since 2012.

09:00 Opening of the symposium (Masato Yasui, Keio University) 09:10 Modeling of Human Neurological Disorder using iPS cells and

Transgenic Non-Human Primates (Hideyuki Okano, Keio University) 09:55 Coffee break

10:15 Is it possible to prevent cognitive impairment and dementia? (Miia Kivipelto, KI)

11:00 Diagnosis and Management of Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment: a Biopsychosocial Perspective (Huali Wang, Peking University)

11:45 Lunch (faculty lunch separately, by invitation only)

13:00 Pathophysiological mechanism of brain aging and brain degeneration caused by abnormal calcium signaling (Katsuhiko Mikoshiba, Keio, KI)

13:45 Structural Biology in aging and neurodegeneration (Annalisa Pastore, King’s College London)

14:30 Coffee break
15:00 New cells in old brains (Jonas Frisén, KI)
15:45 Multimodal neuroimaging of the brain in normal and pathological aging

(Grégoria Kalpouzos (KI)
16:30 Closing words (Masato Yasui, Keio University) 

Contact person: Linda Thörn