Konferenser och symposier

Lipid Mediators in Health and Disease, a Tribute to Bengt Samuelsson

2014-08-2713:00 till 2014-08-2916:00 Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1, Karolinska Institutet Campus SolnaCampus Solna

Lipids exert a multitude of functions that are essential for cell structure and compartmentalization, metabolism, energy homeostasis, and intracellular signaling. They are also vital mediators in endocrine, paracrine and autocrine signaling pathways. 

The field of lipid mediators is vibrant with a series of recent breakthroughs in basic as well as clinical research and therapeutic opportunities. The mission of this meeting is to bring together the world’s leading expertise in the area for discussions of cutting edge topics, exchange of new concepts and technical advances, as well as identification of new paths and strategies for the future.

Finally, we wish to celebrate Nobel Laureate Bengt Samuelsson, his tremendous contributions to the field of lipid mediators, and the 35th anniversary of the discovery of the leukotrienes.

With wishes for a memorable scientific meeting!

Jesper Z. Haeggström, MD, PhD
Conference Chair